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Brew Guide

Making butterfly pea flower tea is simple and fun! Steep in boiled water for maximum colour and flavour or make an overnight cold brew for a gentle yet intense taste. Whichever way you choose, watch the whimsical blue swirls as the the dried butterfly pea flowers releases its natural blue hue.


1. Bring 350 mL of water to a boil

2. Add 1 tea bag OR 1 tablespoon of loose leaves

3. Steep for 5 minutes or if you want a deeper colour, steep for up to 10 mins. If you leave it for too long then the tea may lose its vibrancy.


1. Add 2 tea bags or 2 tablespoons of loose leaf tea to 500mL of room temperature water

2. Leave in the refrigerator overnight

3. On the next day, remove tea, serve chilled. Add ice and garnish with herbs such as mint, thyme or rosemary for some added flavours!

Note: You'll notice that the blue colour is more of a light blue and won't be as intense as when the butterfly pea flowers have been steeped in hot water, but don't worry, cold brewing gently extracts the flavours over a long period of time so what you lose in colour, you gain in flavour!