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About Us

Always fascinated by the colours found in nature like the ocean blues and forest greens. We discovered the whimsical world of the blue-tea-ful butterfly pea flower whilst exploring South East Asia.

'How can this be natural?' we thought and it was moments after sipping on an exotic concoction of butterfly pea flower, lemongrass and ginger that we decided to encapsulate this flowers' mesmerising appeal by creating an exclusive 100% natural blue tea range.

We came back Hong Kong, where we are currently based, where we found a local tea master not far from where we live, to mix, blend and trial this exotic ingredient with other herbs and plants. We eventually settled on a combination of natural ingredients to produce our range of butterfly pea flower tea. 

Each blend handcrafted in small batches using as many organic ingredients as possible.  Get the par-tea started with our exciting range of blue brew teas - let us ‘blue’ your mind!