More than just looks: The appeal beyond the colour of butterfly pea flower tea

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When I first discovered the butterfly pea flower tea I was immediately drawn to it by its colour. That vibrant blue is really nothing I've ever seen before but since embarking on this journey to bring you Blue Brew Tea, I've learnt to appreciate the many health benefits of the butterfly pea flower and it's rich history within South East Asian culture and ayurvedic medicine. 


Our friends at Food Navigator certainly agree;

Blue mermaid lattes and unicorn smoothie bowls may have star status on social media but their appeal is not just visual. The ingredients behind the blue hue – spirulina and butterfly pea flowers – are seen as inherently healthy.


Read the rest of the article to see what Food Navigator and other industry experts think about Blue Brew Tea's star ingredient; the butterfly pea flower.



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Butterfly pea flower by suxco licensed under CC BY 2.0




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