Anthocya - what? The science and health benefits behind Butterfly-pea flower tea!

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea and Candle 

What is Butterfly-pea flower tea?

The Butterfly-pea flower originates from South East Asia, both used in cooking and drank as a tea. As a tea, it is made by steeping the flowers of the Butterfly-pea flower (also known as ‘blue-pea’ or ‘Asian pigeonwings’). Don’t worry, its distinctive blue hue is completely natural, seeping out of the plant when hot water is added. Because of its distinctive colour, it has also been a popular dye for many centuries. Beyond its beautiful colour, it is also known for its pH properties. Just by adding a few drops of lemon juice, the colour will change into to a royal purple. Not only is this tea beautiful to look at, it has a number of great health benefits too.

 What are some of the benefits?

Butterfly-pea flower has numerous healing and beneficial properties, such as memory enhancing, anti-oxidant, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant properties. It is high in anthocyanin, which is the source of its powerful antioxidant effects. Anthocyanin is highly water soluble, so drinking it as a tea is perfect for your body to absorb it. Tests have shown that anthocyanin has nearly twice the amount anti-oxidant power compared to vitamin C!

 In nature, this naturally occurring flavonoid is responsible for giving plants their rich colouring; ranging from the purple of eggplants, deep purples and reds of grape, pomegranate, sweet potato and red onion, to the blues in açai and blueberries.


8 benefits of drinking Butterfly-pea flower tea

  1. Glowing skin.

Being rich in anti-oxidants means numerous benefits for your hair and skin because it protects against free-radical damage. Moreover, it has been found that the flavonoid in Butterfly-pea flower tea increases collagen and skin elasticity. Collagen is one of the key compounds that maintain youthful looking skin, reducing the look of wrinkles and age. Feel great, and look good too!

2. Healthier hair.

In Thai medicine, this tea has been used to treat male baldness and premature greying. Anthocyanin is thought to increase blood flow to hair follicles and the scalp, which provides more nutrients to encourage healthier hair.

3. Enhanced immune system.

Inflammatory compounds in the body can cause damage to the body if it is unbalanced, for example in cases of chronic stress inducing too much inflammation. As a result, inflammatory compounds can cause damage to the body, such as attacking the immune system and interrupting normal regulation of hormones. Good news! Anthocyanin has anti-inflammatory properties as well as immune system benefits.

 4. Prevention of heart disease.

Drinking blue brew tea can lower the amount of cholesterol and excess lipids the bloodstream. It also helps to strengthen blood vessels, making it easier to pump blood around the body. This has the effect of preserving heart health and lowering the chances of heart disease.

 5. Improving cognitive function.

Research has shown that Butterfly-pea flower enhances can enhance memory function. In addition, it is shown that it has stress relieving properties, which can also contribute to a healthier body and mind.

 6. Better eye health.

Studies have shown that anthocyanin stimulates the regeneration of rhodopsin, the light sensitive protein found in the retina. Also, it has another antioxidant, proanthocyanidin, which helps increase blood flow to the capillaries of the eyes. These both contribute to improved vision and eye health.

 7. Improved blood glucose regulation.

Butterfly-pea tea helps regulate a steady blood sugar levels. It prevents excess glucose from being absorbed from food, helping people avoid blood glucose fluctuations. No more of those post-meal sugar highs and slumps! Feel energised and ready.

 8. Combating obesity.

Butterfly-pea tea is high in a compound that is found to boost metabolism, kick starting weight loss as more calories can be burned. Particularly, anthocyanin trigger various cellular reactions in the body, such as suppression of enzyme levels in fatty acids. This can reduce the buildup of fatty tissue in the body. Also, this blue brew tea’s anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties can help detoxify the body and shed water weight.


Now the next time your friend asks you about Butterfly-pea flower tea, you’ll be geared and ready to answer their questions in a scientific and knowledgeable way… what Butterfly-pea flower tea is, where its natural and distinctive lovely blue colour comes from, and all the benefits drinking it can bring! (Not just to help you look better but feel better and be the best version of you!) With so many benefits, what are you waiting for? Try it yourself to understand the results firsthand and order one of our many blends today!



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