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me time, tea time

Treat yourself with unique, handcrafted blue tea blends

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sustainably sourced

Made with dried butterfly pea flowers sourced from small scale, family owned farms across South East Asia, where they thrive in the tropical climate. 

Bursting with goodness

Each blend has been carefully crafted with your well-being in mind. Our ingredients are organic, natural and free from harmful toxins.

Made with love

Every tea bag has been carefully measured, balanced and packed by real people, not machines.

small batches

Each blend is made in small batches to maintain tight control over the quality of the ingredients so we you get the freshest quality, always.



About Us

Always fascinated by the colours found in nature; the ocean blues and forest greens. We discovered the intriguing butterfly pea flower whilst exploring South East Asia.

Our aim is to bring you joy and fun to your everyday moments, whether it be some much needed me-time or if you're lucky, a joyful time spent with your favourite people.

We bring you our range of blue tea blends made with love and care. We don't take ourselves too seriously, enjoy the puns along the way.

Have a blue-tea-ful day :)

Is butterfly pea flower tea good for me?

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